Rachel Weaver

An Indie Bound Next LIst Pick

Point of Direction was chosen as a May 2014 IndieBound Next List Pick: "Inspired Recommendations from Indie Booksellers." 

praise for point of direction:

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"...a strikingly vivid debut novel." -Oprah Magazine

"...pulls you in." -Alan Cheuse, NPR, All Things Considered

"Weaver's prose is as expansive as the Alaskan wilderness..."​-Yoga Journal

"The remote sometimes harsh beauty of Alaska is very much a character in Weaver's first novel, a complex, intimate, emotional thriller."  ​-Daily Camera

"Anyone who has ever been struck by the sharp beauty of Alaska and all the possibilities it contains will love this adventure story." -Alaska Magazine

"Weaver Joins Growing List of Superb Alaska Fiction Writers" -Alaska Dispatch News

​"The writing is precise and crystalline, each sentence carefully composed..."- High Country News

"A powerfully engaging psychological novel." -Library Journal

"Rarely do the interior landscapes of heart and mind reverberate with such power against the external world of glacier, water and wind as they do in Point of Direction. Rachel Weaver's gripping story of two lovers plumbing the depths of their respective pasts, while struggling to survive in a lighthouse on a remote Alaskan island, wholly satisfies with breathtaking writing and raw emotional truth."   -Gail D. Storey, Author of I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail, winner of the National Outdoor Book Award 

"Rachel weaves a story of forgiveness, love and strength skillfully and beautifully. I highly recommend this book." -Women's Adventure Magazine

"A riveting debut! When Anna and Kyle impulsively sign on to be caretakers of a lighthouse, they tell each other it is for adventure, but
they are each running from and for their lives. The lighthouse is starkly
situated on a remote island with a reputation for being the demise—physical,mental, or both—of all predecessors. Deeply rooted in sense of place, this powerful and moving literary novel explores how wilderness that enchants us also haunts us, with the very demons we bring to it. Point of Direction is a gripping and deeply satisfying story; I could not put it down."  
 -Elizabeth Wrenn, best-selling author of Second Chance

"An impressive debut that makes brilliant use of the harsh and beautiful Alaskan seascape." -Publisher's Weekly

"Rachel Weaver's debut novel Point of Direction grabbed my attention right from the start and held it captive until the end. ...Weaver's unique voice is as much a pleasure to read as the story itself."-bookpleasures.com 

"It is rare for an adventure story filled with so much tension and surprise to also inspire deep reflection and wonder, but Rachel Weaver's debut novel, Point of Direction, fulfills everything desired from a good story. Anna and Kyle are complex characters with hidden secrets, but the biggest surprise is how much we learn about the people and landscape of Alaska through their story. In Weaver's deft hands, the last frontier holds not just the assumed beauty and danger, but humor, resilience, and redemption." -Claudia Manz Savage, author of The Last One Eaten: A Maligned Vegetable's History

"Rachel Weaver's evocation of isolation in Alaska and in the landscape of the human mind are impressive and spot on. Point of Direction is a fine and compelling read."- Seth Kantner, Author of the national bestseller, Ordinary Wolves

"Taut, tough, and beautiful, Rachel Weaver's Point of Direction is a page-turning, slow-burning thrill of a novel. 'I will go on falling until I catch myself,' says Anna and I couldn't stop reading until I found out if she did. Absolutely riveting." - Buzzy Jackson, author of Shaking the Family Tree

"Rachel Weaver's Point of Direction beautifully explores love, loss, and the mysteries of memory, all set in an Alaska that stuns the senses." -William Haywood Henderson, Author of Augusta Locke

An Indies Introduce top Ten pick